OPTION #1: Morning Workshop Only

Smartphone Video Lab (8:30 a.m. - Noon)
Learn How to Create Compelling Video Content With Your Smartphone That Looks and Sounds GREAT!

The biggest challenge many communicators face is how to quickly create compelling content for social media sites. I'll give you the skills you need to rapidly create the content that gets the highest reach: video!

This workshop will be hands-on, interactive, and FUN! You'll come away with new tools, ideas, and a ton of enthusiasm for what you can do to serve the public better (and amaze your colleagues and management with your skills!).

  • Learn how to shoot and edit effective short videos with your smartphone!
  • Discover the latest video editing apps that allow easy editing for all video formats!
  • Learn how to interview a "subject matter expert" on video and get the results you need!
  • I'll reveal my favorite "helper" apps for retouching photos, fixing video issues, and creating special effects!
  • I'll show you exactly what tech accessories to use with your smartphone or tablet to get professional results!

Morning-only workshop is just $137 and includes a free smartphone lavaliere mic

Register Here for the Morning Smartphone Video Lab Workshop Only!
Register Here for the Morning Smartphone Video Lab Workshop ONLY

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OPTION #2: Afternoon Workshop Only
Livestream Impact Academy

(1:00-4:30 p.m.)

Livestreaming on Facebook Live, Twitter Live, or Instagram Live is one of the most powerful and effective ways to get your agency's message out to the public via social media! It is instant, you control the message, and it is unfiltered by the news media.

Public health, social services, law enforcement, fire, and emergency responders are among those public agencies which use live video to keep the public informed, educated, and build stronger connections with the citizens they serve. I'll teach you these powerful livestreaming platforms and show you exactly how to implement them. You'll learn:

How to plan and conduct livestream updates during any situation
How to open, conduct, and end a broadcast effectively
How to conquer pre-broadcast jitters and feel confident
How to properly title and promote your livestream in advance to get more viewers
How to post-promote the replay afterward
What equipment to use with your smartphone
for great audio and video

Livestream Impact Academy is only $137 as a stand-alone afternoon workshop, and includes a free smartphone lavaliere mic. BUT...

...if you BUNDLE IT with the morning Smartphone Video Lab workshop, you save $60 when you come for the entire day and enjoy BOTH trainings!



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Read What Other Workshop Attendees Have to Say:

“Kerry was a GREAT teacher! You NEED to take this now - you're getting left behind!”

Belinda G.

"Kerry's workshop is priceless! Videos are crucial to communication and this workshop is essential..."

Deborah B.

The format was GREAT for learning the process! Making our own videos (during the workshop) was crucial...a whole other experience!

Erika C.

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Learn to communicate effectively with high-impact video!

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Kerry's Students LOVE This Training!

This workshop is SO very worth the money and time to keep up with social media trends! I LOVED the equipment use!


Workshop Attendee

Take it! Kerry is knowledgeable, organized, and makes it fun! I got to DO things for myself to learn!

Barbara T |

Workshop Attendee

Frequently Asked Questions Inquiring People Want to Know!


Bring your smartphone or tablet, fully charged. (Don't forget your charging cable and adapter, just in case!)

If you already own a tripod and smartphone or tablet mount, bring it with you.

I highly recommend bringing an iPhone if you have the option.

The Android platform is great for livestreaming and recording video. But there has not been a really good video editing app for Android. The good news is that Adobe Premiere Rush is due for release any day now for the Android platform, and it will be a game-changer. It could very well be released by the date of the workshop!

I'll demo Rush on iPhone, so you'll see what it can do! Even though I use Apple devices for demos, most of the techniques I teach apply to both platforms.

If you have an iPhone 7 or newer, bring the little white Lightning-to-3.5mm-audio-jack adapter that came with it. It looks like this. You'll NEED that to use your plug-in microphone. If you lost it - order one online or pick one up at the Apple Store or Best Buy. They are about $9.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Facebook app installed.

If you have am iPhone, install the iMovie app from Apple's App Store because it's a good basic editing app.

I also recommend installing the InShot video editing app.

Check your Settings to make sure you have enough storage space on your phone to record and save at least a couple of 3-5 minute videos.


I'm so excited to be able to provide a high-quality wired lavalier (clip-on) microphone kit with foam windscreen to each paid registrant!

I have tested this brand of microphone extensively and use it regularly. It works and sounds great with all popular brands of smartphones and tablets that I have tested.


Full refunds will be given to those who contact me via e-mail no less than 72 hours before the start of the workshop. No-shows will not receive a refund, so plan to send someone else in your place if you can't attend so your team doesn't miss out on the value of the training!


Kerry Shearer "The Livestream Expert" regularly provides this training to his communications colleagues across the country. (In the past couple weeks, he did a 2.5 hour featured workshop session at the Government Social Media Conference in Nashville, and a 2-hour session at the California Association of Public Information Officials in Newport Beach).

As a former Communications and Marketing Specialist for various departments in Sacramento County, California, for the past eight years he has been laser-focus specializing in social media, smartphone video production, and livestreaming.

Kerry is a former radio and TV broadcaster, media specialist, crisis communicator and video pro who is immersed in the latest social media tools and thrives on helping communicators cut the learning curve!

He's passionate about helping PIOs rock their content creation, and he totally understands the environment you work in and the challenges you face.

Kerry is a master technogeek with way too many toys - uh, I mean tools... so he can tackle your tech questions and issues, but he also understands that you don't need to be super-techy to produce great content!

Trust me: you are going to LOVE how Kerry teaches this workshop!


Yikes. First off, your employer needs to understand that video is EVERYTHING on social media. This is increasingly the way people want to consume information.

And you NEED to be able to quickly create awesome content on your phone. I'd say it is critical - especially during emergencies. If you can't do it, who will?

Secondly, some tough love. I want to ask you a question.

Are you worth it? (YES! Duh.).

Is your career worth investing in? (YES! Double-Duh!).

Have you ever spent money investing in yourself? (Remember college?! Grad school?!).

If your employer doesn't have the funds to pay, but will let you attend...invest in yourself and do it anyway. Learning these skills can be career-changing.

When YOU are the one who amazes your employer with the way you effortlessly create video content, it puts your value on a whole new level.

You will stand head and shoulders above others who don't know how to do effective livestreams or whip out amazing-looking recorded videos.

Not only that, knowing these skills is quickly becoming the must-have standard in communications, and you don't want to fall behind.

This is totally worth it. YOU are totally worth it. Invest in yourself!